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How it works


The design concept


Characterization and design




Final designs and corrections


Preparation for printing and internet

About my work

Design by Maya Lavian

My work contains 2 aspects:

1. The design and paging of magazines, catalogues, books and assorted brochures.

2. The branding and specifics. This is how we work together and find an original logo that suits your company or business and personalize it for you on your business card, stationery, sign, banner etc.


How I work:

First of all, I listen and learn to what my client wants and needs and then I proceed to build a suitable strategy. I can provide a vast array of designs and together we will work through every stage of production. You can change whatever you want along the way till the final design stage. You will see your business through my graphic design in a unique way that expresses your vision via quality paper, folders, brochures, packaging and more.

In addition to graphics, I provide other services that might be of interest to you, such as: Photography, copywriting and high quality printing.

Also specialty computer services in data security.

Together we will make your perfect design!

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